Hoot'n Neat Teams

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24Q Strictly Stock
Owner: Ron McCreary
Driver: Todd McCreary

28 Modified
Owner: Some Poor Smuck
Driver: No Driving Bugs Stevens

211 Super Stock
Owner: Good Jack
Driver: Bad Jack

92 Super Stock
Owner: Joy Fritts
Driver: Mike (Nubber) Fritts

66 Modified
Owner: Gene "The Shingle" Kelley
Driver: Jerry (Give Me Room To Race!!!) Symons

7 Super Late Model
Owner: Mark Vandevender
Driver:....Well... Steering Wheel Holder Mark V.

540 Modified
Owner: Jim Bascom
Driver: Brad "Come on...... get in the car!!!" Bascom

71 Late Model
Owner: Jessee Windso
Driver: Better Go When Told

75 Late Model
Owner: Martin Pierce
Driver: Marty "Help Me Nub" Pierce

56 Modified
Owner: Andy Jacquess
Driver: Andy "Whoa Nellie!!!" Jacquess

2 Modified
Owner: Skip Honaker
Driver: Skip "Bring Me Home In One Piece" Honaker

35 Strictly Stock
Driver: "Hot" Rod Moss