Work, work, work picts

Well, I can't tell you exactly how many cars our driver has killed so we'll just show you some.

This is our first car. I don't remember exactly who built it but Joe rebuilt the front suspension so we could go act like we were racing. Then our famous driver took it out and redesigned it to somewhat an aerodynamically challenged state and these pictures depict the rebuilding process. You may click on the pictures with borders to see a larger image.

This is our car under major reconstruction.

We're just about ready to finish up and put the numbers on it.

We're racing!

Rebuilt, this car now belongs to Andy Jacquess.

Car Number 2

Now we're on the the next car. The last car Joe had for sale and brand spanking new. Completely built by Joe. I'm sure alot of people were saying "Hoots driving so, Good Bye to last great modified."

Here she is.... Prior to the KILL.

Smoothing on by.

Car Number 3

This is more than "An Interesting Story" that can't be thoroughly explained. We're on to the third car and there's nothing wrong with the second car. We buy it with the hopes of keeping at least one car running so our driver can get seat time. I don't have to explain what happened.

Passing on the outside

Hauling Ass

Crew Chief Tim "Is this where the motor goes?"

Did you see me pass that guy.

Well Boys, it's still in one piece.

More Pics

Here we are at Lakeland

Back Strech at 150 MPH!!! Wha Hoooo!!!

Here we are, wrecked at Lakeland. And, YES this IS a Gun Fight

Hey.........What the hell is this?!?!? A stinking Ford!
We're going to have to start another page for this kind of stuff!!!

Keep control while we construct this page.
Yes we're not Speedy