Race Car Lease


You've always wanted a race car but don't own a shop, can't drive and have limited resources.

It's A Hoot Racing has the answer!!!

For a mere $1,000.00 per race you can lease a Hoot race car. For this small fee you will get the following on top of the car:

  1. A complete race car shop to keep and work on your leased
  2. All the tools necessary to work on your leased race car
  3. The finest mechanics available to work on your leased race car
  4. A crew to go to the races with your leased race car
  5. A top notch driver to drive your leased race car
  6. A wonderfully large and air conditioned trailer to carry your leased race car.
  7. A big beautiful tough truck to haul your leased race car in your leased race car trailer.

You will also be allowed to pay admission to each race for your leased crew and driver. Along with admission you will be able to pay for all the food they can eat during the race. Of course after the race you will be able to drink the beer you bought along with your leased driver and crew.

Contact It's A Hoot Racing for further details.