It's A Hoot Racing was founded in 1998 to serve the growing need for two guys to hang out and have a couple of beers.

How it started...

Met ole Tim one day riding his new Harley. I had just bought a Springer and he had a Dyna Wide Glide. Never in my wildest dreams could I believe this would be the most expense person to hang around I would ever meet. After all, we already had these expensive Harley's.

Tim is a fun sort of guy and loves to laugh, so we hit it off pretty well. I knew we'd get along just fine when I found out he liked to have a beer (at the drop of a hat).

Well anyway, we rode our motorcycles most every weekend and got to know each other pretty well. This lasted for about 3 years until Tim just plain wanted to get out of the motorcycle riding business. Over the years, I learned he used to race up north (yea there's a little Yankee dripping off him, but not too much as he's been here for some 25 years).

One day Tim says, "We ought to get into race cars." Of course being the fool that I am and not one timid try new things, said, "Yea!" This is where it starts getting expensive. Tim says will only cost about $9,000 race.

Tim knew Joe, a famous and sometimes infamous race car builder, and David, a famous and sometimes infamous race car driver (Maybe that's why Joe and David get along so well?). Well anyway, we go over to David's and find out that he know's a guy that has an older race car. Tim and I go look at the car and decide it's worth working on. The next Monday, David gets us all together to talk price, etc. The guy that owns the car is a skinny guy nicknamed PH. His real name is John. He won't tell me what PH stands for, but I think I know.

We talk a bit and buy the car. This would be the cheapest part of the deal.

We get the car and take it to Joe's. I didn't know Joe that well even though I had met him a couple of years ago riding motorcycles with Tim. Joe's a pretty good guy and yes he qualifies as a friend of mine as he's a fun guy and likes to drink a beer every once in a while.

Joe does his fabricating thing to the car and of course we buy an assortment of necessary parts from him. Wheels, tires, quick change, bell housing, starter, etc. Cost more than the car but well worth it. The thing will TURN LEFT!

More to come................... got to fix the car again!!!!