Now that you're inside, (and we're under construction) check out our facility and equipment.

Using the latest technology available, we build only the sleakest and finest race cars in the world.

Transportation Department

We keep two haulers ready to go at a moments notice so we can make those big races. Only the latest equipment for It's A Hoot Racing!

Machine Shop<

Our machine shop is incredible.We can make square things round and round things square and drill holes in stuff.....well it's just amazing!

Engine Department

Our engine department turns out the most horsepower of any shop in the world. Why one of our blown up motors will still dyno more than 1000 horse power. How about that?
Look out CRE, look out Boyd, here we come.

Tool Boxes on the Move

Of course you have to have a tool chest. Containing only the latest greatest testing and timing tools. This is just one of our many boxes that go with us everywhere.

Tool Department

We only buy the best in tools. They're so good, it seems they last forever.

Welding Department

Our welding department is so advanced we even have an anvil.

Painting Department

Tire Department

Only the best tires are used in our operation. Why we use Joe's, Jim's, Tim's, Fred's......well anybody's tires that we can get for free.

Parts Department

If you're going to run with the big dogs you need an abundance of parts. Our parts department keeps the most up-to-date parts available in the racing business. Why if you need a part, we'll probably give you one.

Pit Crew

Ole Tim (pictured left) relays instructions. The Nub (center back) must be in R&D. He looks confused. The Herm (pictured right) handles the tires and anything else he wants to.

Research and Development

You get the picture.

Budlite... I mean Breakroom amenities

You don't want to get thirsty when working on racecars..

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