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With tuition of a Bud Light 12 Pack things can get a little out of hand. With our qualfied staff of truant officers we can keep things on a roll.

Tammy: Put you on the pole darling.

With a background in alligator (and men) wrestling, Tammy keeps everyone inline.

Favorite Saying: Are you back for more?

Barbara: Let me drive the Damn car!!!

The bark is a lot worse than the bite......... I think.....

Favorite Saying: No set up involved...... It's a stock car........ Drive it.

Donnie: Give me that trophy back!

Teching the cars is Donnie's job. No one and I mean no one can get by Donnie. That is if you're in a cafeteria line. He's single and available too.

Favorite Saying: Meet you at the Foxhead.

Van: Oops, I just ate a canary.

Van reminds all the drivers the dos and don'ts of racing at New Smyrna and Orlando.

Favorite Saying: Boys, wash your hands before you go to the bathroom.

Fred: On his toes Flagman Fred.

With those glasses Fred doesn't miss a thing around the track. His keen eye watches every driver trying to get a leg up on the others. Keep up the good work or keep working or just wave those flags!

Favorite Saying: Did you see that?

Bobby: Hey!!! We have a Race Track over here!

Spreading the good word about racing with FASCAR. He's always making sure good students attend Hoot U!

Favorite Saying: Remember the time we.... Because I don't

Cindy: Got a few minutes for a few questions?

She's always interviewing new prospects for Hoot U.

Favorite Saying: I've just got a few more questions

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